Manea: Footprint of Kupe

My role on the project was to iterate on existing UX flows and build the UI for the digital interactives that are found throughout the building. The interactives are a 2 screen combo, featuring a small screen "control" and a larger screen display. With the content largely being a combination of video and/or auto scrolling slides displayed on the larger main screen, it was important to have a simple and clean UI for the control touch screen so as to not distract the user.

The spectacular journey of discovery and first footprints of iwi history.

As the nature of the exhibition is to highlight the Māori history of the region, we worked with the local iwi to include key Te Reo terms in the videos and have accurate Enlgish translations accessible on the control screen. Another aspect was the inclusion of traditional patterns in the UI screens. For this, we consulted closely with the local iwi, and had these provided for us to implement.