Manea: Footprint of Kupe

Highlighting the first footprints of iwi history, this centre was an iwi-led project that follows the story of the Kupe discovering Aotearoa. The centre takes visitors on a tour of the kawa and tikanga of the region.

The spectacular journey of discovery and first footprints of iwi history.

My Role

My role on the project was to iterate on existing UX flows and build the UI for the digital interactives that are found throughout the centre. The interactives are a 2 screen combo, featuring a small screen "control" and a larger screen display for videos. It was important to have a simple and clean UI for the control touch screen so as to not distract the user while content is being played. Throughout the development of the project we strived to highlight local art across the interactive, in order to achieve this we worked closely with local iwi to both include local art and Te Reo localization.

The Process

As I was brought in after the initial ideation stages of the project, much of the interactives were already defined. Initially I worked with the team to audit the existing designs and identify where they might be improved. The original designs assumed a single screen for both control and content, which differed from the dual screen combo that was installed. One of my responsibilities was to separate out the design components across the two final screens. With the larger screen displaying content, and the smaller providing navigation controls.

To accommodate this pivot in the design, we simplified the control interface to ensure it would not distract the user while the video media was playing on the top, content screen. We also used the control interface to display any Te Reo translations for users.