Global Game Jam 2017: Game design art lead

Combat is the result of a four person team during the 2017 Global Game Jam (we attended at the Wellington base for the event). It was a small scale party game created under the theme "waves". For this, the team focused on sonar waves. The final concept for Combat is a 2 - 4 player last man standing game. Players engage as small flying bats in an obscured world, where they have to balance controls between flapping to fly around the level and sending out "screech" sonar waves to highlight the arena. Players are then required to dash into other players to knock them out of the round and win the match.


Thomas Lewis (coder)
Phoebe Zeller (character artist)
Micheal Baron (team leader)
Joshua Flash (sound design)
Ivy Calvert (environmental artist)

My role in the development process included first helping brainstorm the concept of the game. Moving into full development however, my job was primarily environmental art and playtesting. This job included establishing strong colour palettes for each different background and also creating interesting environmental layouts that did not detract from the game mechanics but rather added interesting elements to the gameplay (with a focus on allowing for the encouragement of different play styles).
I also worked closely with the character artist and the lead coder throughout the development process. This was to ensure the aesthetics remained consistent and smooth implementation of assets into the game.