A wearable technology garment

Developed as part of a third year elective paper in 2016, this project was developed over 6 weeks.
Inspired by the mythical Greek tree nymphs, Dryad is a woodland creature with a shell of bark and moss. Its branch limbs sway whilst fireflies glow under a mane of mossy dreads. Hiding in the forest only a glance of its face can be seen whilst it skulks from copse to copse.
Servos attached to brackets hold cane branches in place and move back and forth to create the swaying movement. For the fireflies, strings of warm white fairy lights are dimmed randomly through the Arduino sketch to make them glow in a natural manner. The whole circuit is powered by a Lithium Polymer battery.
Materials came from natural sources when possible, including the sawn down antlers and manuka bark - anything else needed was faked through craft, such as the each of the hand felted moss dreadlocks.


Sophie Price
Phoebe Zeller
Ivy Calvert
Christine Ling (model)

My main roles during the construction of this project alternated between the physical construction of the garment as well as the development of the arduino code with my team mate Sophie. It was important to develop a wearable technology garment that both matched the aesthetics of the chosen organic theme, and had fully functional technology hidden within.
I was also shared responsiblity for the documentation of the garment. This included the capture of photographs and videos, and then the editing of these for the final lasting output of the design.