Freelance web design and development

The full redesign and development of a business website for the ICARAS Risk and Security Consultancy company. Working in a team of two, my allocated jobs included initial concept designs, finalising design, full design guidelines, and initial html and css code setup prior to Silverstripe CMS framework implementation.
It was important to establish strong relations with the client in order to provide them with a final output that filfulled their needs for their business. This vastly improved the initial ideation phase of development as it encouraged communications between us and the client.


Stefan Peacock (html and css coder/CMS management)
Ivy Calvert (designer/html and css coder)

The task was seperated into three major milestones: initial design, functional static site, functional Silverstripe CMS setup. My main taskes included the full creation fo the re-design wireframes of the website ready for code. Then, the initial setup of the html and css for the static version of the site before CMS implementation.
This job also included client communications and business management for the two person team working on the re-design of the icaras.nz business website. I was also in charge of providing the client with full design documentation for the site as a resource for the business moving forward as they take over management of the site.