Illustration and Animation

A range of illustration styles and hand drawn animations

Over the course of many years, I have developed a passion for illustration. Even as a small child I would prefer to remain within doors and entertain myself with pen or pencil and paper rather than pursuing outdoors hobbies. This passion then ventured into the creation of traditional hand-drawn animations.
While I have a prefered style that includes simplistic creature characters, I have explored multiple art styles from abstract iconography to background/environment art.


Years of sitting inside instead of adventuring into the world


Predominantly, I have a cartoonist style and a preference for drawing creature-like characters. However, I like to mix creepy with cute in terms of the characters I like to create, with a mix of darker themes drawn in an exaggerated style to provide more personality in the character and make them appear more cute in nature. This is my preferred art style to work with as it demands creative thinking with every new character created and allows for exploration into completely different style characters even within the set aesthetics of each project.


Initially as part of my degree we were encouraged to explore abstract art styles. While at first I failed to create abstracted artworks, I eventually found my style within this theme while developing a tattoo design for a client. This allowed for some exploration into a different style than I was used to and comfortable with, but provided an interesting challenge that sparks an interest in developing a wider range in styles.


Primarily the environment art I have worked on previously has been for video games. This ranges over multiple projects which I have worked on in the past as a mix of university projects, and optional game creation events (see the Combat section of my portfolio for more information on one of these projects). While not my prefered style, I rank this quite highly as I enjoy the challenge of bring a world to life by creating small sections of it (typically behind the main focus).