Open Up

Google Takeout data experimental site

Developed as part of the fourth year masters elective paper in 2017, 'Open Up' was a student project developed over the course of 6 weeks.
‘Open Up’ is a web based project that requires users to interact with their Google Takeout data. With the overall aim to highlight how much information users disclose online while logged into their Google account, ‘Open Up’ focuses on the connection of this information.


Walter Langelaar (Lecturer)
Thomas Lewis (support)

The development process for this site followed a strict milestone process. Step one included the conceptual stage, step two was the creation of a proof of concept, step three (and the stage this project is at currently) was the development of a fully functional and aesthetic prototype (this is where the project is currently situated, with a functional demo live online). This strict methodology enabled the final demo of this project to be a fully functional prototype that provides the foundation for continued development on this project.
For more information on this project, please see either the full design documentation or look at the website itself via the links provided.