Western Australia Museum– Boola Bardip

This project includes four seperate interactive screens. One interactive provided a small survey and the other interactives focused on a different aspect of the World Wars Western Australians fought in.

I was brought into the project after the initial design ideation had begun, to both improve the existing designs and to help develop the interactive screens. This included familiarising myself with the content and defining a process to communicate with the other developers on the project (both whom were based in a different timezone to both the client and I).

The content ranged from exploring WA’s war history through map exploration, understanding your point of view on migration, how automated systems are impacting the future, and the importance of the Indian Ocean to culture and history.

Initially, my work focused on improving the existing figma UI designs and then moving forward with the production of clickable prototypes to send to the client to sign off the planned UI/UX of each interactive. After these were confirmed, I moved into development. My role included the frontend coding in js, html, and css. I worked with two remote developers, and one on-site graphics designer to create the desired functionality and visuals.