UI/UX Designer and Frontend Developer


I'm a UI/UX designer and frontend developer located in Wellington, New Zealand.

Working from the ideation phase through into the development of a project, I offer a unique perspective on both the user experience and the functionality requirements. This enables me to achieve an aesthetic and functional end product


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UX Design

Initially, I discuss with the client(s) about the aim of the project, and who the target audience are, allowing these to feed into the overall plan for the user experience. I then map initial thoughts in user flow sketches, to later be documented using tool such as Figma.

UI Design

After taking the time to understand the context of the project, I begin the iterative process of planning the interface(s). Here is where I really focus on aesthetics, making sure to factor in the hardware and accessibility limitations of the project. To achieve this, the main tool I use is Figma.


I mostly exist in the frontend space, using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Typescript. However, I have been learning laravel for backend CMS development as well. While I often develop designs I have designed, because I understand both the design and development processes, it is easy for me to jump into a project just as a developer.